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The days are flying by here on The Big Island. And the adjustments are considerable….km to miles, kg to pounds, litre to gallon, the money is different, and the language barrier is alive and well.

Seems I am difficult to understand when speaking. I have been told this b...

With 9 sleeps to go before I depart to Kona, it was very cool to be able to share some special moments with family and friends.

The Aloha Party held at Winnie Bagoes saw leis around necks and Hawaiian pizzas on the tables. Driving home gave me time to reflect and it was...

Often heard…’keep the faith’…..and it means different things to people.

In the belly of an Ironman race, I have heard people say they can get in a really dark place and what brings them out? Courage, determination, a *uck you attitude, thoughts of family and loved ones,...

Yesterday, post IMNZ, I chanced a conversation with Laura Siddall, who was stoked to have won the day. Laura knew in the second lap of the run that she could win. I asked if it was a flick of a switch and she said no, more of a ‘stay the course’ and persistence would w...

2018 sees Ironman New Zealand hit number 34. There will be just under 300 first timers racing and the Pro list indicates the best chance of a male Kiwi winning ever.

Seeded as Currie, Brown, Bozzone, Cochrane, Phillips, Allan, Crawford, McNeice, Millward.

So why do peopl...

February 24, 2018

Prostate Cancer is the silent killer of males because no one talks about it….except the doctor treating you!!

If you are over 45 it is recommended that you get your PSA [prostate-specific antigen] bloods done - your GP may perform a PSA blood test which can be an indica...

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