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An omelette of vowels…..

The days are flying by here on The Big Island. And the adjustments are considerable….km to miles, kg to pounds, litre to gallon, the money is different, and the language barrier is alive and well.


Seems I am difficult to understand when speaking. I have been told this before especially with my rate of speech. So I have made a determined effort to slow down and enunciate my words. To no avail…seems the locals and visitors alike only hear an omelette of vowels.

I could be worse. I may not understand them, which on some occasions, I can’t.


So, its progress not perfection and speaking of progress, I have a new set of wheels, opened a bank account, working part time at Lava Java, been to Church, have a bed to sleep in, a roof over my head, food on the table…life is indeed good.

And I have swum off The Pier, run on Ali’i Drive, biked the Queen K. Have been to Costco, Magic Sands and meet some pretty neat people. Karen Crawford, aka Kiwi Karen from Lava Java, has been so helpful and knowledgeable, life has been a lot easier. Michelle Curran, another Kiwi working here, was my taxi driver and came to the rescue more than once.

Met Paul Buick, Matt Dixon and Jordan Blanco who are here doing a training camp. It was good to chat to tri guys and gals, and Matt and Paul could understand me!


It’s time to go scramble some eggs….



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