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With no races on the horizon for many of us, and because most of us love the challenge of training and racing, there is an opportunity right now to confirm our 'why'.

I am available/offer online coaching, Zoom meetings, easy access and a philosophy that.........

  • Following structure gives purpose and clarity especially regarding overall health and wellness.

  • Training vs [random] Exercise gives this structure which flows onto other aspects of our lives.

  • Training progression establishes an avenue of escape from the day to day stresses and strains of living in a world turned upside down for many of us.

  • Hanging in there now, we are setting the foundations for a solid base when things return to a more racing focus.

  • Of course, with no racing, the opportunity to improve as an athlete/person is real.

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Big Island Triathlon Adventures’ coach Dave Dwan has worked with some of the world’s best triathletes – including Ironman World Championships winner Scott Molina, who has been a mentor in training, and in Dave’s coaching career.


Nicknamed The Terminator in triathlon circles, Scott has is a legend in the sport, having won more than 100 professional races in his career. Currently residing in Christchurch, New Zealand, with his wife – and fellow pro triathlete Erin Baker, Scott took some time out of his training schedule recently to share a few words about Dave.


training programmes

Give it a go and get fit!


Big Island Triathlon Adventures' New 2 Tri programs are designed specifically to meet the needs of people looking to get fit, healthy and have some fun. This is done with discussions on health, wellness and nutrition.


Get ready!

​Big Island Triathlon Adventures' Intermediate programs are perfect for athletes who have some experience and want to up the ante on fitness, health & well being. 


Full distance events training

​Big Island Triathlon Adventures' customised, one-on-one programs are designed to meet the needs of experienced athletes training with a different focus right now.

Going the full distance

Includes video analysis and swim drill videos.

swim coaching

Includes video analysis and run drill videos.

run coaching
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