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I am available/offer online coaching, Zoom meetings, easy access and maybe forget about training camps at this stage.


Training programs are designed by Coach Dave Dwan. All programmes are specifically designed for the individual athlete’s needs. 

When athletes join our coaching service we like to firstly agree on a plan for the entire year or season. This way both the coach and athlete are working towards a clearly defined goal(s). Within this goal we also map out shorter term goals which help you the athlete to track progress and see and feel the improvements in performance. 

Where possible we like to use video analysis whereby the athlete has someone video them whilst training and sends a copy to their coach. Feedback can then be given via telephone, email or Zoom meeting. 

How the coaching service works: 

Initial Consultation 

This involves the athlete filling in a questionnaire so we can understand the athletes training history, work and family commitments, injuries, equipment, access to facilities and so on. During this phase the athlete may be required to do a series of tests to help set training zones and heart rate thresholds. 

Telephone, Face-to-Face or Zoom Consultation

Following communication and completion of several forms we have a telephone conversation, face-to-face meeting or Skype session to discuss the information gathered and plan the months ahead. The best way for the athletes to get the most out of their program is to be completely honest with the coach and likewise the coach needs to get to know the athlete personally. 

Athlete receives a program that is an implementation of specific training phases. This is followed up by another consultation. 

Ongoing Program

The athlete will receive a training schedule in 3-6 week blocks using Training Peaks. This will include a detailed daily programme. Details include target intensity and duration. 

Ongoing Adjustments

The athlete and coach communicate and adjustments are made to the program as needed. Athletes are required to update their completed training in Training Peaks.


The athlete has unlimited e-mail, telephone or Zoom contact to monitor progress and answer questions.


Coaching fees are payable prior to receiving training programs. The minimum coaching period is 3 months. 

New athletes must pay a start-up fee of USD$80 for initial assessment. Payment is generally made using internet banking or PayPal but other methods are available.

New 2 Tri
$210 for 6 WEEKS
$170 per montH
Going the Full Distance
$200 per month
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