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The question I get asked most about my coach (after who is it?) is, why am I still coached by someone who lives overseas? The reason is this -- he's an incredible human being. He truly sees me, never scoffs at my crazy big dreams, and understands why people do endurance sport. His values closely align with mine, and he's all about trying to get the sport/life balance right. Essentially, he's an honorary social worker!

If you've been thinking of changing it up, either finding a new coach or are exploring having a coach for the first time, flick him a message! If you want to chat about what it's really like being coached remotely, I'm happy to have a yarn about what I've learnt over the last four years too.


I have done many miles of swimming, cycling and running in my life but never back to back in an endurance event like IM. I thought I knew everything – and when I signed I thought the journey would be an easy one, having been fit and healthy for all my life. I soon found out that the mental part, as well as the physical endurance required, were much more – and the journey to get there taught me a lot about triathlon, and myself as well. 


Dave was there for me both in the ups and downs, the good and the bad – reminding me to enjoy what I do and do what I enjoy. He is an all rounded coach and his philosophy about training and nutrition helped me get through my first ever IM event. Thanks for all the support!!


Tryfonas Theophilou


When I decided to take on an Ironman I had no real clue what to do or what to expect. Dave laid out a clear plan that fitted in with my other commitments, and guided me through the whole process. He is always available to answer questions or help with some one-on-one coaching.


Triathlon is an individual sport, and training can be a long and lonely experience. Dave's enthusiasm and network of like-minded people ensured training was motivating and fun! I am now in training for my 5th Ironman. Without Dave's input and encouragement I would have probably stopped after one! I would highly recommend Dave as a coach to anyone just starting out in the sport, or wanting to improve their performance.


Greg Jones

New Zealand

I have been doing triathlon for 8 years. Six years ago I decided to step it up and try 70.3 distance, then 3 years later Ironman distance. My training has always consisted of trying my own things and reading programs online until I was recommended to contact Dave. Last year I was determined to show an improvement in my race and knowledge on nutrition. 


The conditions last year for Cairns Ironman were terrible. I had never raced in such wind and rain, but I felt the strongest I have ever felt and came through doing a personal best in my swim and ride. I felt extremely confident going into this race with the knowledge Dave gave me about nutrition, and my body felt ready to race! I was so happy with the results I got on the day, as well as the training along the way. 


The training schedule Dave created for me allowed me to be flexible if I had to move days around. His support to me was nothing other than excellent. Even though I live in Australia (and Dave is in New Zealand) there was never an issue with communication, and Dave was there for any question, big or small, and was always happy to help. My results were definitely a result of his training, and I know I will be contacting Dave again when I next race 70.3 or Ironman.

Kate Russell


In 2014 I decided to do an Ironman, but knew I would need a lot of help to get to the finish line. Lucky for me I found a great coach – Dave Dwan.


I lacked a lot of confidence when I first meet Dave. I actually felt sorry for him because I wasn't the best communicator! But Dave had the patience and time to get to know me and make me feel comfortable – something I think is very important. This made my journey to Ironman an awesome experience: I felt comfortable with my coach and he knew how I was feeling and adjusted my programme to get the best out of me.


Three years and 4 Ironmans later, I have meet new friends and training buddies, travelled overseas for events, and now probably talk too much!


None of this would have been possible without coaching and guidance from Dave.

Marie Hill

New Zealand

I have been training with Dave for the past four years, after having initially decided to challenge myself and see if I could take on an Ironman. Under the guidance of Dave, I have well and truly exceeded my expectations, and have completed two Ironman events to date.  I have had an absolute blast with the training, with getting to know fellow athletes, and by being part of some awesome triathlon events.


Dave’s training style is very personable – with heaps of enthusiasm and a real focus on setting training programmes that fit with your individual demands on life. Being an Ironman Accredited Coach means he also has the technical knowledge required to help with your skills across all three pursuits.


Personally, I’m not sure I would have made it to the start line for my first Ironman without Dave’s guidance and ability to instil in me the confidence that I was ready, that I had done the hard yards, and – just as importantly – that I was going to enjoy my first Ironman experience.

John Fredericksen

New Zealand

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