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Training camps are currently on hold until further notice.


When we get back to normality, sooner rather than later I hope, these Camps provide athletes with dedicated time to focus on their training, in a variety of scenic destinations. Camps usually take place pre-season when you're looking for that early season boost – particularly if you've been training through the cold, wet months over the winter. Joining our expert coaches for some of pre-season swimming, biking and running in the sunshine will allow you to improve, focus, build your confidence and have fun doing the sport you love!

Koa Coaching

Koa or Warrior Coaching is about one on one time via internet coaching, or time on the Big Island with specific swim bike and run sessions. You'll also receive nutrition and mental strength sessions.

Kona Camps

Kona Camps are perfect for like-minded athletes to
train together, see the

Ironman course and explore

the Big Island.

Ohana Adventures 

Ohana Adventures are about training and family time, which often takes a backseat when atheletes are in training mode. We combine training and exploring the Big Island with your ohana. This is a great way to get fit and have quality ohana time.

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