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From haere rā to aloha

With 9 sleeps to go before I depart to Kona, it was very cool to be able to share some special moments with family and friends.

The Aloha Party held at Winnie Bagoes saw leis around necks and Hawaiian pizzas on the tables. Driving home gave me time to reflect and it was a poignant moment as I realised the friendships made, time spent shoulder to shoulder with some really great mates doing Ironman and training days will be missed.

It was a reminder that I travel this path with many good people and I am thankful for the people in my life

More importantly, the bonds of friendship have allowed me to see people as they are and them to see me – not always pretty. Yet, we are accepting of our faults and foibles [most of the time], encourage each other and back each when the going gets tough.

I also realised that having my son Nick and daughter Libby and their families present made it even more special. I am blessed and very grateful to have such great kids and the 4 grandchildren are icing on the cake. To see these little human beings run around and hear their chatter, shouting with joy and unbridled love of live was just heart-warming. I will miss them, so thank goodness for Skype.

There are a few things I will miss - RDU and the funky music, my satellite office at Black Betty.

I look forward to warm weather, warm water, smooth roads to bike on, friends from around the world being in Kona for camps, the Honu, the World Champs, Ultraman.

How do I sum up my emotions as I prepare say goodbye to NZ and hello to Hawaii?? A mixture of sadness, excitement, a few nerves and a smile.

Knowing I will be back soon enough makes the leaving easier….I need to sort my pension, to race IMNZ, to see family and friends.

There are many quotes about doing new things and starting new adventures which are all very true. I guess the one big thing is, I don’t want to look back on my life and think…..I wish, I should have, if only. This is a wonderful opportunity and I don’t know how life will unfold. I do know that with my faith and my ‘glass half full’ approach, it will as good as I make it, so let the games begin.


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