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What's of Value?

Updated: Jun 18, 2020

Times of late have been most interesting, challenging and often leaving people a little confused and uncertain. Perhaps, due to these challenging moments, people have felt confident that their way of thinking is correct or right. Perhaps people have a compass of what is right, wrong, or perhaps they are in no man’s land.

What role do values play in this scenario?

Maybe even the word 'values' has been lost in translation.

Values: relative worth, merit or importance.

Values can include concepts like honesty, love, achievement, health, personal growth, family, spirituality, peace, harmony, and.....

Why are values important?

For me, they give a firm direction in life, and ultimately, as a compass for my journey in life.

Do Values change?

Sure, they do. They can be re-examined, clarified, and reset on an ongoing basis. The greater clarity one has with values [internal], the more effective one becomes on the outside [external]. The closer one’s behaviour matches one’s ideal self, the happier one is.

What do I do when working with people? I help clients identify what their values are by paying attention to their words, their energy levels. Bringing awareness of their values so they can run all their thoughts, behaviours, and actions by them. And develop goals that align with their values.

Here are a few questions to get the ball rolling......

What are the things in your life you could not live without?

What would you do if the world were going to end in one month from today?

What are the values you respect most in others?

What words would you like others to use to describe you?

What kind of reputation would you like to have?

Food for thought.

Until next time.....stay happy and healthy

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