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Believe it......or Not


An acceptance that a statement is true; or something one accepts as true or real; affirming a held opinion or conviction.

And as Henry Ford once said……” Whether you believe you can, or you can’t, you’re right”

Talk Story allows me to chat with some very cool people……like Helen Mahon-Stroud and Alan Stroud who have a strong drive and a belief system that allowed them to perform at the top of their sport. They will be on the show next week.

We can sometimes have self-limiting beliefs, such as:

Labelling – perhaps situations might sound like

I am unmotivated; I don’t have any willpower.

Or Generalizations like this always happens to me; it never works.

Focusing on NegativesI’ve failed every time I tried.

Closing off possibilities‘I can’t’; ‘I would never be able to’.

Some belief questions that could be used to dig a little deeper.

What makes this true for you?

What stops you?

What rules are you using that could be challenged?

What would you try now, if you knew you couldn’t fail?

Why do you believe this will be hard? How could this be easier?

Are you willing to try on a new belief [like a new pair of pants], and if you don’t like how it feels, take it off and try on a new one?

Here’s a wee scenario I have heard in the past.

‘I can’t find a diet that works’.

· What makes this true for you? Are you 100% sure you won’t succeed?

· What is the belief around diets?

· What would you try now if you know you couldn’t fail?

Food for thought? No pun intended 😊

Perhaps take some time to reflect on this process for other parts of your belief system and we can then look at perspectives and reframing.

Until next time.......stay happy and healthy.

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