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What an amazing day in Wanaka

At 0600 it was cool and calm and Lake Wanaka had a slight ripple. The clouds were overhead and it was warm….perfect conditions.

Being in the lead vehicle for the full distance gave us a perspective of the race like no other. The amateurs were led out of the water by Tyrone Hellyer, were in for a long day

The weather changed to wind, rain and cooler temps; changed again to more rain and then sunshine and a very warm day.

At Wanaka Airport the Pros doing the Half Distance, caught Tyrone, Thomas Buchburger and Richard McClew and it was all on for the big names in our sport.

Javier Gomes took it out in 3hrs 57min, with Kiwi Braden Currie second and Jesse Thomas third.

Dylan McNeice came in 4th and local Dougal Allan who had been unwell all week, 5th.

The females also had a great tussle with Annabel Luxford taking first in 4hrs 27min, Laura Siddall next with Amelia Watkinson third.

And while the full distance athletes went around the bike course again, the Aquabike race got under way – 3km swim and 120km bike. Matt Bradbury took it out in 4hr 13min. Mikayla Harvey was the first female home in 4hr 29min

In the Full Distance, Richard McClew got home first in 9hrs 46min with Tyrone in 9hrs 56min and Thomas in 10hrs 19min

For the ladies, Misa Klaskova first in 10hr 35min; Kylee Henricksen 11hr 20min; Emily Mabin 11hr 30min

So it was a busy day in Wanaka, with Full and Half distance; teams; Aquabike and 600 marshals and a huge support crew on the side-lines.

Successful day?? Yes. Challenge Wanaka work very, very hard to put on this event and are open to making changes for it to work. Here’s hoping this continues for the future.

Wanaka Township really turns it on for the whole week and well done them.

A shout out to Sam and Marie who both had great races; and well done to all those athletes who gave it their best; good to see sponsors do their thing, especially Profile Design; special thanks to PJ for the hospitality.

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