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The Silent Killer

Prostate Cancer is the silent killer of males because no one talks about it….except the doctor treating you!!

If you are over 45 it is recommended that you get your PSA [prostate-specific antigen] bloods done - your GP may perform a PSA blood test which can be an indicator of abnormalities in the prostate gland

If you are over 50 then it’s about getting the digital rectal examination - checking the size, shape and hardness of the prostate with a finger as a screening test for prostate cancer.

Late last year I had a tumble when running in the hills and 4 hours later I was in an ambulance going to the emergency room. My bladder was at max capacity because I could not pee. A catheter was inserted and life was different for 6 days. It was a weird feeling to have this strapped to my thigh and to empty the bag every few hours.

Once removed, I thought sweet, back to normal life. Not so, 6 hours later I was back in ER with my bladder at max again. Another catheter and a trip to a specialist. Seems my prostate was expanding thus restricting urine flow. I was put on meds which relaxed the prostate and I could pee. The catheter was removed and it was ‘a wait and see’ if my PSA levels dropped. The normal level is below 4. Mine got to 22 so a biopsy followed to eliminate cancer. No cancer. PSA levels returned to normal. But the problem remained.

I have undergone a TURP- a transurethral resection of the prostate. Which simply means some of the prostate tissue around the urethra is removed. I have got 2 easy recovery weeks now and hopefully within 6 weeks life will be back to normal. This is the peace of mind stuff that money can’t buy.

The biggest killer in NZ for males is cardiac issues, bowel and prostate cancer.

So lads, go get things checked out and be a hero for your family….and I’m not taking the piss when I say that.

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