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The Kitchen Table

Yesterday, post IMNZ, I chanced a conversation with Laura Siddall, who was stoked to have won the day. Laura knew in the second lap of the run that she could win. I asked if it was a flick of a switch and she said no, more of a ‘stay the course’ and persistence would win the day.

I mentioned having a chat with IM Talk legends Bevan and John might be in order as Laura lives in Christchurch and she said it would be good to be interviewed in the studio v over the phone.

Well, the ‘studio’ is Bevan’s kitchen table [with a view of Christchurch] and I’m sure the setting will result in a wonderful insight into how IMNZ was won.

In the meantime, over in Acacia Bay post-race, we – Grant Boyd who did a PB of 50 minutes over last year, his number 1 supporter Leah, Greg and Debbie Jones + me - gravitated to the kitchen table for a beer and snacks. The conversation was great.

It is amazing how many major decisions are made around the kitchen table.

The formation of good manners, etiquette etc. is around the kitchen table.

More importantly, the conversations about work, school, sports and life that ensue are invaluable.

Today, with convenience food, soap operas on TV, the hustle and bustle of life, we can often neglect the opportunity to sit down as a family or a group of friends and enjoy the moment.

So when Laura sits down at the kitchen table with Bevan and John, I’m sure the etiquette will be impeccable, the conversation scintillating and the stories memorable.

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