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Keep the Faith

Often heard…’keep the faith’…..and it means different things to people.

In the belly of an Ironman race, I have heard people say they can get in a really dark place and what brings them out? Courage, determination, a *uck you attitude, thoughts of family and loved ones, and maybe a bit of faith - in themselves, their coach, their training, and something else. Something not able to be put into words.

Every 12 Step Program has the mantra of ‘let go and let God’, of turning things over to ‘a higher power’ and that could anything from the Universe, the forest, seas, skies, to a zen like feeling, yoga, to one of the many the religions found in the world.

Outside of sport, in everyday life, we are confronted with issues that need resolution. How do people find the right path for themselves? How do people get through the tough times like divorce, cancer, serious injury, illness, death of a loved one, financial pressures? How do people survive civil war, being a prisoner of war, a victim of terrible atrocities?

How indeed?

Seems rather gloomy and yet it’s real, everyday stuff that people face. Some can’t handle it so turn to an addictive substance or practise in an attempt to get through things.

Hope seems to be the key.

Hope of a better tomorrow, a better day, a better moment. Things will get better so keep going.

Hope that Mike Reilly will be there with the words ‘you are an Ironman’

For me, having a strong faith means everything and hope springs eternal!

Keep the faith…..and see you at the finish line.

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