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  • Dave Dwan Big Island Triathlon Coach

The Noble Road

Ali’i means royal, chief, noble.

As we move closer to the Ironman World Championship on Saturday 13 October, Ali’i Drive will be filling up with triathlon nobility. The current legends will be out in force, along with the up and comers.

History tells us that the likes of Erin Baker and Scott Molina will be front and center as they are inducted into the Hall of Fame and that is something pretty special for Kiwis.

Erin is a 2-time winner and her contribution to the sport of triathlon, across all distances, and her contribution to women in sport is immeasurable. Her work on social and justice issues is more known in New Zealand as was her involvement in local politics, as she brought a strong voice on many issues.

Scott….actually known more by Molina….World Champ in 1988, has won so many races and has influenced many young and not so young athletes to pursue their dreams in sport and life.

The Big Four are part of our history and part of the fabric of Ironman.

Molina, Baker, Langer, Wellington, Ryf; Sanders, Scott, Tinley, Pigg, Allan; Carfrae, Kienle, Badman, Newby-Fraser, Glah, Cam Brown and…the list is mind boggling.

Who will be the next royalty of triathlon?

I guess The Noble Road will be the judge and jury on race day. October 13 2019 will highlight the talent we have in our sport.

And a different beast in Europe, the Challenge events, offers athletes the fame and reward of hard work and talent.

The Road to Glory is strewn with stories, fables and facts of people who have sacrificed and toiled to get to the start line.

The finish line is another chapter in this story and we await with excitement and anticipation that the Noble Road will indeed reveal the triathlon royalty we seek to applaud, approve and acknowledge.


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